Saturday, September 30, 2017

Port Allegany

This was a town that was part of my winter run throughout the northern central part of Pennsylvania. It was the last town on my drive and I was happy to visit some of the neat buildings and parks in this area. 
Main Street

Port Allegany is located in McKean County close to the New York border and it's population was 2,107 people in 2010. In the pioneering days, this was a travel stop for the settlers along the Allegheny river. The original name was called "Canoe Place" because of the settlers building their canoes here. The first settlers in the area came about from Samuel Stanton who bought a large track of land here and built a cabin. He went back home to Williamsport but died coming back to the area. Some of his family however became the first settlers in the town. The name changed to Keating in the early 1800's but  changed again to Port Allegany in 1840. 
St. Josephs Episcopal Church

House located on Maple Street

Serenity Glass Park

The town became a borough in 1882 and was an important logging town with several hotels and businesses. The population continued to increase by the 1900's and the town had saw mills, butter dish manufacturer, chemical plant, Citizens Gas Company, door and blind company. Port Allegany was also a leader in glass making and had multiple glass manufactures such as the Olean Glass Company, Ball-Foster Glass Container Corporation and the Pittsburgh-Corning Corporation giving the nickname "the glass block capitol of the world". 
Park in the middle of town

Fireside Inn

Map of Port Allegany
Google Earth

Today, Port Allegany has Serenity Glass Park and many historic structures and restaurants throughout. 

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