Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Bogert House in Ridgway

Ridgway has lots of history and its buildings show multiple styles of architecture throughout. This was one of the first towns I took pictures of and a few buildings got my attention. One building I saw was called the Bogert House.
The Bogert House

In the early years of Ridgway, there were multiple hotels in town and the Bogert was one of them. The other hotels were torn down and the Bogert House survived. Mr. McGeehin and P.F. Bogert owned the hotel in its infancy. Mr. McGeehim actually bought the old Elk County Courthouse, had it towed down the street and incorporated it into the Bogert House which was built in 1906. The old courthouse portion was in the rear of the building where the dining room is located. The hotel was in business for most of the century until 1990 when a fire consumed the building.
Old Elk County Courthouse
Elk County Historical Society

Today, the current status of the Bogert House proves to be quite challenging. According to the, Kim Zimmerman who is the Borough manager stated that the old building should be torn down due to the multiple code violations and how badly the building is rotting away.

According to the same site ( the Ridgway Heritage Council is trying to revive the old building to its former glory as they try to interest investors which was in 2011. The latest news was that the building was for sale.

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